Beef Stroganoff

Russian food beef stroganoff traditional easy recipe

Best served with rice, noodles or chips, this meal is an example of a created recipe that later entered national cuisine. The author of this dish was a chef of a Count Stroganoff. In 19 century the meal was introduced at the well-to-do aristocrat’s restaurant in Odessa, and the employee’s recipe became popular under the employer’s (count’s) name.

Interestingly enough, the Count’s name – Stroganoff – resembles the Russian word “strogat’” – meaning to cut into thin strips. And this is exactly what you do with meat in beef stroganoff.

Although chicken or turkey stroganoff can also be made in a similar way, the recipe’s name implies that originally beef is used for meat. Traditionally loin cuts were used for beef stroganoff, but braising beef (a round steak for example) will be also great if you observe a few cooking tips. Let’s gets started!


Beef Stroganoff

By admin Published: October 12, 2013

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    • 300 grams beef (10.5 oz)
    • 1 onion
    • plain youghurt crème fresh OR sour cream
    • tomato pure
    • 3 tbs flour
    • salt, pepper


      • Take the meat out of the fridge approximately 30 minutes before cooking for it to warm to to the room temerature

      • Wash the meat in cold water, cover with cling film and slightly tenderize with a tenderizer (flat part)

      • Cut the beef into thin strips, salt it, and coat with flour

      • Cut the onion in circles

      • Mix the sour cream and the tomato paste, add and mix pepper.
        Slightly oil the pan and warm it up over high heat

      • Cover the bottom of the frying pan with onion circles, put the beef over them.
        This way prevents the contact between the beef and the bottom of the frying pan

      • Fry the beef over medium-high heat, 1.5 minute on one side, turn the pieces with thongs, and fry for another 1.5 minutes (around 3-4 minutes in total).

      • Reduce the heat to low, mix beef and the onion, pour over the sour cream and tomato mix, and cover the pan with a lid (or a plate if you don’t have a lid).

      • Cook over the low heat for 10-20 minutes (depending on the cut, the softer/better cut, the less time -for cooking), occasionally stirring.

      • Switch it off and serve hot over rice.



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