Russische TELEGA shop in Beverwijk

Shop was opened in March 2011.

Address: Koningstraat 22, 1941BD

Beverwijk , Nederland

Tel:  0619835003, 0627022669, 0626393074



Opening times:  open seven days a week

Mon,Tue,Wed,Sat: с 10.00 до 19.00,

Thu, Fri: с 10.00 до 20.00 ,

Sun: 10.00 до 17.00
Russian shop in Beverwijk Russische Telega

Russian shop “Russische Telega” is located at Koningstraat 22 1941 BD, Beverwijk nearby a bus station and railway station. It offers food products, groceries and both soft and alcoholic beverages from East-European countries. The selection of products varies from dairy products to sausages and meats, with pickles, cereals, sweets and cakes also available. You can get a pack of pelmeni or vareniki dumplings, which would be a great TV-dinner. Or you can treat yourself to healthy gluten-free buckwheat, ideal side-dish (or a meal on its own), and then enjoy a cup of tea with gingerbread and other Russian sweets.

What’s more, you can also find here healing herbs and holistic medicine products such as oak bark, Kurilian herbal tea, chaga mushroom, various essential oils (cedar oil, castor oil, camphor oil) as well as Kuznetsov’s acupressure mat. In this Russian shop in Beverwijk you can also buy an Aura HD multimedia player providing you with online access to television shows in Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and more. Russische Telega is an official dealer of Kartina.TV – television for Russian language speakers living abroad. And finally – ladies and gentlemen! – in Russische Telega you can buy a mobile Russian sauna for a relaxing heartwarming experience both for body and mind, as well as various sauna equipment and items. You can also purchase all of these items via the online store:

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