Shurpa (or Chorba)

Traditional mutton soup Shurpa Central Asian recipe Chorba

This rich in taste and nutrition aromatic mutton soup comes from Central Asia: Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan/Azerbaijan/Tatarstan.

All these countries have slight alternations in the recipe, but the common features are: mutton and vegetables,
all cut in big chunks.



Authentic Traditional Russian Borscht soup recipe

Authentic delicious beet borscht recipe with extra cooking tips. Make this soup of Ukrainian origin at home – it’s easy with our detailed recipe!

Borscht (or borsch, Rus. БОРЩ) is perhaps the first thing that would pop into people’s mind if asked about Russian food. This beetroot soup is indeed loved and cooked regularly in many families as a comfort traditional meal. In a way borscht is a symbol of home and family ties … just like a fireplace.

Many Slavic countries have various beetroot soups, but borscht “as is”  is of Ukrainian origin. The recipe is not difficult to master at all, just follow the steps and and you’ll have a pot of heart-warming soup of unique flavour and beautiful colour. You can break the cooking down to 3 phases: making the stock, preparing the vegetables and adding the vegetables into the soup. Plus final herbal touches and infusing.

To better reveal the sweet-sour-slightly garlicky taste of borscht, accompany it with grenki bread and smetana.

Notes: 1. Mixing grated beetroot with vinegar helps the beetroot keep its beautiful colour.

2. How to peel a tomato: Place in in a bowl with boiled water for a minute, and then in a bowl with cold water. Once cooled down, the tomato should peel easily.