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A traditional Russian gathering of family or friends, especially for the purpose of celebrating something, quite often has a format of a long-lasting feast with a table full of food. The starters on such a table highly likely include assorted cheese, salami and other cured sausages, with the meat plate featuring delicious traditional baked and cooled ham buzhenina as well as sliced boiled tongues. If the reason for the gathering is even more auspicious, French bread with butter and caviar would be spotted among these starters — special delight which would surely melt the hearts of all the guests. Some bites such as garlic cheese spreads can also be provided, as well as a few traditional sauces. Buzhenina and caviar spreads perhaps need a more special event to be served, but most of the other starters can serve as assorted foods for a more dynamic buffet party.  Check out our recipes below — they all make nice and tasty finger foods that your guest will love. If you are looking for the menu ideas, have a look at this page — tried and tested combinations of meals, snacks and foods that can give a Russian twist to your party. Available recipes: Garlic grenki, Caviar breads, Garlic cheese spread mini-breads, Lavash rolls with smoked salmon