Main Courses

In this section you will find famous and tasty Russian recipes for main courses –  and  also staple recipes from other nationalities within the multicultural country.

Available recipes: Solyanka cabbage stew, Beef stroganoff, Buckwheat braised with turkey, Armenian shaorma (doner kebab), Pelmeni dumplings, Chicken Kiev, Kotleti Burgers etc.

Solyanka (cabbage stew)

Healthy and easy meal that stores well

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Beef Stroganoff

World famous meal

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Armenian shaorma (doner kebab)

Delicious chicken wraps

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Buckwheat braised with turkey
Boekweit recept

Healthy, tasty and light

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Chicken Kiev

Extravagant dish worth the efforts

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Fun to make and long-lasting

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Kotleti Burgers recipe
Kotleti Russian burgers

Home-made hearty burgers

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Russian Shashlik barbecue

Great outdoors BBQ

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Kholodets aspic
kholodets Russian aspic

Traditional Russian kholodets aspic recipe

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Russian cottage cheese pancakes

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Savoury potato pancakes

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Kefir Blini

Traditional Russian pancakes

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Russian tvorog zapekanka

Baked cottage cheese cake

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Semolina porridge

Loved by little ones

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Grenki toasts
Sweet grenki toasts Russian breakfast

Sweet toasts

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Tvorog with Smetana
tvorog with smetana Russian breakfast

Healthy start of the day

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Russian pancakes oladi

Small fluffy pancakes

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