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On this site you can discover a little bit about Russian cuisine and foods and perhaps get inspired for an everyday meal or get ideas how to treat your guests.  Some recipes are quite popular all over the world while others might not yet be known to a wide audience.

Since Russia is a multicultural country, its cuisine has incorporated quite a number of culinary hits from many nationalities in the vast region. Such recipes have preserved their national twist and integrity and yet also become a part of culinary culture – for example, Ukrainian borscht, Uzbek pilaf rice, Georgian kharcho etc.  So don’t be surprised if you stumble upon such recipes here.

You can also find  here information about Russian food products which can be ingredients of the recipes or enjoyed on their own.  Recipe categories will help you navigate in this culinary journey. In addition, we would like to highlight a few recipes which we think can be a good starting point to discover Russian food. If you have any questions or ideas you are very welcome to share those with us via email:

If you want to organize a party with a Russian twist, the Finger foods section will help you.

Highlights: Syrniki cottage cheese pancakes, Savoury Draniki potato pancakes

Main course:
Highlights: Gluten-free Buckwheat braised with turkey, Chicken wraps in lavash, toasted (!)

Hot soups: Ukrainian beetroot Borscht, Georgian spicy Kharcho (requires a bit of efforts but what a taste), Central-Asian aromatic Shurpa
Cold soups: Cold borscht or Svekolnik, Okroshka – perfect for hot summers

Legendary Herring under a fur coat and Olivier salads
Modern salad chicken, prunes and cucumber salad Tenderness



Dietary products gluten free Buckwheat, cottage cheese tvorog, zucchini caviar, thin lavash bread perfect for various healthy wraips

Tea time treats, especially curd snacks



Russian cottage cheese pancakes

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Savoury potato pancakes

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Kefir Blini

Traditional Russian pancakes

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Russian tvorog zapekanka

Baked cottage cheese cake

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Semolina porridge

Loved by little ones

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Grenki toasts
Sweet grenki toasts Russian breakfast

Sweet toasts

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Tvorog with Smetana
tvorog with smetana Russian breakfast

Healthy start of the day

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Russian pancakes oladi

Small fluffy pancakes

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