Spring Festival held in Amsterdam

Russian festival in Amsterdam 2015
22 March 2015, Amsterdam – Rossotrudnichestvo organization jointly with the Council for compatriots and chef Ilona Cherepanova hosted Lente festival dedicated to welcoming spring. The event was primarily organized for former USSR citizens currently residing in the Netherlands.

Spring equinox celebrated by many nations was the theme of the event. The Slavs used to welcome the spring and baked traditional pastry in the shape of… Read further 

Maslenitsa Festival held in Groningen

On 19 February 2015 the Centre for Russian studies organized an event “Maslenitsa”. The guests had an opportunity to listen to the lecture “Maslenitsa – het Slavische Nieuwjaarfeest”  by the chef Ilona Cherepanova and try traditional pancakes with various… Read furhter





Students of De Haagse Hogeschool organize an event From Russia with love

De Haagse Hogeschool Den Haag
The 1st year students of European studies of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: De Haagse Hogeschool) organized an event “From Russia with love” with the primary focus on Russian media. The event was held in one of the auditoriums of the University and reached the audience of about 50 people, mainly students and also teachers and several entrepreneurs. The topic was presented through business, cultural and political dimensions…Read further.






Vladimir Putin: National cuisine enterprises can compete with McDonald’s

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation proposes developing “national fast food” enterprises in the regions and believes that national cuisine can compete with McDonald’s.

“We have wonderful cuisine”, Putin says and notes that it is necessary to establish competitive and high quality industrial production of national food products. Read further.





Russian Food Festival held 13-15 September 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


On 13-15 September 2013, Amsterdam has seen a Russian Regional Food Festival held in the framework of the Russia-Netherlands Bilateral Year. This food event took place at Museumplein near which the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are located. The visitors had an opportunity to try… Read further.