Language tips

English-Russian audio file with useful and helpful phrases in Russian for tourists and interested in the Russian language.  Click on the link below to listen to common words and handy expressions. Or download the file via link below to save on your mobile device. Listen and practice, learn on board the plane and land being fluent! 🙂

The file includes: Greetings; Introduction; Useful phrases and words in a cafe; Numbers

Pdf: Russian lesson 1


Russian cottage cheese pancakes

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Savoury potato pancakes

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Kefir Blini

Traditional Russian pancakes

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Russian tvorog zapekanka

Baked cottage cheese cake

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Semolina porridge

Loved by little ones

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Grenki toasts
Sweet grenki toasts Russian breakfast

Sweet toasts

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Tvorog with Smetana
tvorog with smetana Russian breakfast

Healthy start of the day

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Russian pancakes oladi

Small fluffy pancakes

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