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Russian Breakfast Recipes

Our Russian breakfast recipes encompass traditional meals and  will give you ideas for inspiration, both before going to work and lazy weekends!

There are two main “themes” around traditional Russian breakfast: porridges and dairy products.  The range of porridges is quite big – it can be oats/buckwheat/semolina/ and even rice porridges. The popularity of porridges (“kasha”  in Russian) is represented in the languge: if a person is struggling with some physical excersice (for instance, can’t open a heavy door) a humourous and common way to address this situation would be to ask “Didn’t you eat enough kasha today?”

Then because the choice of dairy products in Russia is quite big, it is another quite popular meal on the morning table. Protein-rich cottage cheese tvorog is used in many recipes – zapekanka, syrniki or eaten on its own with a bit of smetana youghurt.

On the weekend when you have no rush it’s quite popular to please your close ones with some pancakes.  Honey or smetana are favourite condiments, and also it is not uncommon to make quick jams by blitzing some berries, such as lingonberries or sea-buckthorns with some sugar.  Savoury Belarusian potato pancakes draniki are also quite popular.

Enjoy reading!

Recipes:  Syrniki, Draniki,  Kefir Blini, Zapekanka, Semolina porridge, Grenki toasts, Tvorog with Smetana.


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