Various Russian pastry recipes

Sochniki Russian cakes with tvorog recipe
Sochniki Russian pastry with tvorog easy recipe

Tvorog and kwark are two different things, their texture is completely different. If you don’t have tvorog you can substitute it with ricotta cheese – that would work out just fantastic, but much more expensive too.   Sochniki Russian cakes with tvorog recipe Ingredients For dough Butter, softened – 50 g Caster sugar – 1 […]

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Russian Milk Shortbread (Molochnyi Korzhik)

The recipe has specific measurements. If you don’t have kitchen scales – I most definitely recommend it. It will save you lots of calculations and converting. Plus will give an extra fun side to the cooking process, you can pretend to be an old-fashion druggist taking his job seriously  Ingredients: Milk – 80 gr Sugar […]

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