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Russian Milk Shortbread (Molochnyi Korzhik)

Milk shortbread is a simple nostalgic cookie which for decades has been popular in Russian canteens and school cafeterias. A simple comforting and huge cookie is a dream with a cup of tea or a glass of milk.

Nothing fancy or over the top, with slightly crunchy edges and soft middle, this cookie will give sweet comforting memories to many.

The recipe has specific measurements. If you don’t have kitchen scales – I most definitely recommend it. It will save you lots of calculations and converting. Plus will give an extra fun side to the cooking process, you can pretend to be an old-fashion druggist taking his job seriously 🙂


Milk – 80 gr

Sugar – 200 gr

Margarine – 100 gr

Egg – 1

Flour, sieved – 400 gr

Vanilla sugar – 2 gr

Soda – 2 gr

Baking powder – 4 gr


  1. Warm up milk, and add sugar. Mix in untill the sugar melts, preventing boiling. Take the milky syrup off the heat. Add margarine, mix it in to melt and leave the mixture to cool down.
  2. Set the stove to 200 C.
  3. Mix in an egg and soda, baking powder and vanilla sugar, mix well. Gradually add flour, mixing it with a fork at first, and then use your hands. Put the dough for 15 minutes into the fridge, for the dough to cool down, this will make it easier to work with.
  4. Roll the dough out. Traditional width of the piece of dough is a little less than 1 cm – this will make soft korzhiki. For crunchier once, you can roll the dough thinner. Cut out the cookies. Collect the dough leftovers and roll them out too, for the other set of cookies.
  5. Place the korzhiki on the tray lined with baking paper, do not place them too tightly. Optionally, you can cover the cookies with an egg wash.
  6. Bake for 10-12 minutes, do not allow for them to get too golden.

Korzhiki are served cold.

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