Semolina porridge

Semolina porridge is a very popular with children and often served at kindergartens in Russia.

It has custard-like texture and can be sweetened by berries or jam for the delight of the little ones.

It is cooked very quick, but there is a little trick – once the porridge starts boiling, you will need to constantly stir it to prevent burning or lumpiness. Good news that it will only take up to 3 minutes.


So if you can buy semolina groats from Russian shops or in your grocery store (dry good section) try out this quick recipe.

Semolina porridge Recipe

By Published: February 23, 2014

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    • ¾ glass milk
    • ¼ glass water
    • 3 teaspoons semolina groats
    • sugar, salt (to taste)
    • butter


      • Pour cold water and milk into the pot. Put the semolina groats, it will partially stay on the surface and partially drown. Leave for 10 minutes for semolina to soak up.

      • Mix thoroughly and bring to small heat, adding salt and sugar. After the porridge starts boiling, cook for 3 minutes.
        Important: Stand by while cooking – Before boiling, mix approximately 1 time per minute. After boiling mix continuously to prevent burning or lumps.

      • Serve with butter and – if you like – jam or berries.


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      • Dirga


        This sounds like a rellay great recipe. I’ll just have to figure out what buckwheat is called in Swedish! =) It’s great to read about all the meals you try and make. I love the inspiration.


      • My


        Hi Dirga,
        Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure to hear! Google translate gave me “bovete” for buckwheat in Swedish, don’t know if it is correct :). Cheers and happy cooking!


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