Soups are an integral part of Russian diet. They normally comprise of several products and can be a wholesome meal on their own.

The recipes are divided into two categories: Cold soups which are perfect when it’s hot outside (and in many parts of Russia although the winters are biting cold, the summers can be sweltering!). These vegetarian cold soups have bright colour a refreshing effect – just what you want on a hot day. There are two main cold soups in Russia – okroshka and holodnik (or svekolnik) better known in English as “cold borscht”.

The second category of soups is Hot soups. In this category you will find both traditional Slavic recipes and also soups that came to Russia from the neighbouring countries and won everybody’s hearts.

The concept of a Russian soup is to make a generous quantity of it so it can be kept in the fridge and consumed for the next several days. As the taste only intensifies and all you need is just warm it up, it is a win-win situation – saving cooking time and ensuring a delicious meal!


Traditonal Russian summer soup

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Cold borscht

Cold soup popular in Western parts of Russia

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Authentic recipe with extra tips

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Shurpa (or Chorba)

Rich in flavour mutton soup

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Spicy Georgian soup

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Solyanka soup

Appetizing soup with pickles

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Sorrel soup
Sorrel soup recipe

Tangy and refreshing

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Nettle soup
Nettle soup Russian recipe

Delicious and super healthy

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Cep Mushroom Soup
Cep Penny bun Russian mushroom soup

Delicious basic soup

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Russian cottage cheese pancakes

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Savoury potato pancakes

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Kefir Blini

Traditional Russian pancakes

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Russian tvorog zapekanka

Baked cottage cheese cake

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Semolina porridge

Loved by little ones

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Grenki toasts
Sweet grenki toasts Russian breakfast

Sweet toasts

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Tvorog with Smetana
tvorog with smetana Russian breakfast

Healthy start of the day

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Russian pancakes oladi

Small fluffy pancakes

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