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Lavash is a thin and soft Armenian bread, probably one of the thinnest flat breads.

It is by far the most popular bread in Armenia and the Caucasus, and it also ended up in Russia through that road. Nowadays it is often used for all sorts of healthy wraps.

Lavash is also used in traditional takeaways. Chicken so comes from the grill, is often rolled in lavash that immediately absorbs the delicious herbs and juices in it. However, the most popular takeaway dish shawarma: grilled meat with chopped chopped vegetables in lavash are rolled. The wrap is then also once roasted for a crispy crust.

You can save lavash in the freezer and defrost the amount directly for consumption; that only takes a few minutes.


Bologna Sausage


Russian bologna sausage (original name Doktor Kaya kolbasa, doctor sausage) is a pinkish spongy sausage made of a mixture of beef and pork that has been associated with nutmeg. Taste It is usually eaten as a snack with a piece of white bread and a cup of tea. You can use different types of sandwiches, hot sandwiches as well as finger food.

A Russian bologna sausage can be cooked in the pan with eggs for breakfast.



Semolina groat

Semolina is a flower-like product that is taken. During the grinding process of wheat It consists of small white flakes and is used to make. Porridge or sweet dishes

It is very popular in Russia and semolina is often given to children at breakfast. It goes very well with a knob of butter and ham or fresh berries, such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. You do not have to cook.’s Only with milk Add some sugar and a pinch of salt, stir well and continue to fight while it thickens. Clumping during cooking Serve the porridge with a knob of butter and jam or berries of your choice. Take a look at our more detailed recipe semolina.

It is often used in baking, such as cakes or dusting. Bakeware Meal can also be used instead of bread crumbs. Mix some semolina with salt and spices and make the past a piece of meat or fish as you would. Breadcrumbs This makes for a good meal with a crispy crust.


Russian Borodinsky bread

Borodinsky bread

Borodinsky bread is one of the most popular bread in Russia and some former Soviet republics. This dark brown sourdough rye bread has a soft, moist texture and a distinctive flavor. The molasses, rye malt and coriander used to give during baking the bread its rich aroma and spicy flavor with slightly sweet notes.

The name of the bread refers to Borodino, a village where the 19 e century, a battle took place between the armies of Napoleon and Russia. The bread is produced since 1933, on a large scale, but in each case it is again attempted to connect. The bread on the one way or another with the village

There is the story of the widow of General Alexandr Tuchkov who died in the battle. She founded a monastery, and to ease her grieving process she began to concentrate on baking. Along with the nuns of the convent, she created the recipe for the bread. The coriander seeds have become a symbol of the hail from the kartetsgranaten.

The bread recipe with coriander seeds indeed be traced back to the 19 e century. The production and the name of the bread start only in the 20 e century, so the above romantic, but not really appetizing, story can probably be regarded as an interesting attempt to link the bread and the village a connection.

Borodinsky bread by itself or with a lick of butter all very nice, but also goes very well with soup. It can also be used in a meal with eggs: egg or fried with several sandwiches with egg and salmon.


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