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Russian party menu ideas

Products, snacks and meals that can add a Russian twist to your party

Russian soft fermented drink

Russian soft fermented drink

For drinks, except for the obvious one, consider traditional Russian soft beverages such as kvass which can be purchased in any Russian food shop and/or a nice jug of DIY berry drink – mors, for instance lingonberry mors. Also, some famous lemonade brands are Tarkhun, Baikal (Russian coke) and Buratino.

Then add some of the snacks/finger foods (aka “zakuski”) shared here. More recipes coming! You can also check the Products section to get inspired.

The Dutch have helped the Russians discover the taste of pickled herring, so it’s very common to see herring fillet with onion rings on party tables. Spreads with caviar over the buttered slices of French bread is a pleasure both to the eye and to the mouth. Red caviar is more popular than high-end black caviar. Another popular type of fish roe is capelin roe, spread over buttered French bread as a snack.

Multilayer salads will add an authentic touch and fill your guests up. You can serve it on a big plate for the guests to help themselves. Or you can prepare the ingredients and then collect the layers into small bowls to be picked up by your guests – why not a modern party idea. The stronger the drinks the more food on the table, so if the party is of a big scale there can be various meat meals.

For the dessert you can serve some Russian sweets or a cake. For example, signature cake “kartoshka” – chocolaty little treats, very easy non-baking recipe.

Herring under a fur coat

Delicious salty and sweet salad

Hopefully this information can already inspire you! If you have any photos you would like to share of a Russian party that you have organized you can send them out to us at

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Menu ideas

If you would like to organize a party with a Russian twist, here are a few menu ideas. They can help you navigate through recipes here and pick those suitable for a gathering of friends or some sort of a celebration. Other recipes in Finger food section can also inspire you for some new bites to spoil your guests or close ones.

Buffet party Menu 1:



Olivier salad

Buffet party Menu 2:



Korean style kimchi carrot

Buffet party menu 3


  • Shawarma toasted chicken rolls
  • Pieces of buttered bread with capelin roe
  • Kholodest aspic with horseradish


  • Kartoshka cakes/Prunes with walnuts


Russian home chicken wraps doner kebab

Buffet party menu 4:




Lavash salmon roll Russian finger food

Outdoor party:


If you don’t have the equipment, marinate the meat and cook it over usual BBQ. 

 Russian BBQ shashlik



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