Kotleti Russian burgers

Kotleti Burgers recipe

Russian food kotleti burgers recipe
Juicy, rich in flavour Russian burgers (kotleti) is lovely comfort food. This hearty meal will fill your family, and you ca also freeze burgers for quick meals to come. We are happy to share with you all the tipes you need to make the best Russian home-made kotleti burgers – they can easily become your signature dish.

As with pelmeni, the key secret is the meat. Best if you mince it yourself, otherwise get it from a trustworthy butcher or from an organic shop. Fatty pork will make the burgers juicy. You can also pour some water into the minced meat to make it even softer and juicier – leave it for a minute and the meat will absorb it.

Second tip is the seasoning. Finely chopped onion will slightly marinate the meat. Family seasoning tips: crushed bay leaves, some pepper and caraway seeds.

Third tip is an energetic, focused and considerate mixing with your hands (you can wear rubber gloves). The technique is the following: once all the ingredients are mixed in, you take a small portion of the mix and energetically throw it back into the bowl. Be careful not to splatter the meat around – you can place the mix with the minced meat into the bowl.

And finally, and extra touch: once you’ve shaped the meat into the ellipses, you can add a small amount of butter, that will add to the juiciness.

Kotleti Burgers recipe Recipe

By Published: March 5, 2014

    [ezcol_1third][/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] Juicy, rich in flavour Russian burgers (kotleti) is lovely comfort food. This hearty …


    • 1 kg minced meat (1/5 beef, 1/5 fatty pork)
    • 1 egg
    • 1 onion
    • 3 garlic cloves
    • 2-3 slices toast bread
    • some water
    • salt
    • pepper
    • 3 bay leaves
    • 30 gr butter
    • some flour
    • vegetable oil (for frying)


      • Take off the crusts of the bread, tear the bread into small pieces and cover with water. Let soak for a few minutes.

      • Add some water into the minced meat (if you like).

      • Very finely chop up the onion and garlic. Finely break bay leaves by placing them into a corner of a plastic bag and squeezing.

      • Mix in the egg, black pepper, salt and the moisturized bread into the meat. Mix well with your hands. Then you can use this technique: taking a handful of minced meat and throwing it back into the bowl. Take precautions not to splatter the minced meat, for instance, place the bowl into the sink. Leave the minced meat for 15 minutes to marinade it in onion and garlic.

      • Powder the working surface with flour. Wet your hands and make elliptic burgers, place some butter inside and powder with flour.

      • Fry in preheated and oiled pan:
        On high heat sear each side for 5 min
        Then on low heat each side for 7 minutes.

      • Serve with garnish of your choice- fries, mashed potato, veggies, rice, buckwheat etc.


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