Russian salads are very traditional meals and often  served on a special date – New Year and Christmas, birthdays or friends gathering. Such salads usually comprise of many different layers, look like a cake and require a few hours of soaking.  A final result — a unique blend of flavours in which it is impossible to recognize the ingredients.

Herring-under-a-coat  and Oliver are among the most famous traditional Russian salads, and have  been a gem and a must-have on the New Year’s table for many decades. For a party you can either make these or other salads in a big bowl for the guests to help themselves, or serve them in smaller bowls/glasses each for a guest.

Available recipes: Herring under a fur coat, Tenderness, Vinegret, Olivier salad.

Herring under a fur coat
Herring under a fur coat

Iconic Russian salad for special events

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Russian Tenderness salad with prunes, chicken and cucumbers

Intricate and delicate

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Olivier salad recipe
Olivier salad

New Year salad a.k.a. Russian salad

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Vinegret Russian salad

Classical and popular

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Ivano-frankovsky Russian salad

Similar to Olivier, but with its own twist

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