Pavlov Posad shawls

Pavlov Posad shawl is one of traditional Russian handicrafts. Made from 100% wool, with a bright pattern and a silk or wool fringe, it is a fashion accessory for a look sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

The design of Pavloposad shawl is easy to recognize – the background of one colour has a lively bright floral or ornament pattern. The wool adjusts to the temperature around, you can wear it in any season – it keeps you warm when you’re cold and only serves as an accessory when it’s a warm day.
The name for the shawl originates from the town – Pavlov Posad where the first manufactory of these shawls was established in 1795 by a peasant Ivan Lobzin. A Savvy entrepreneur he made handicraft art a profitable business which was only to grow.

In XX the Soviet fashion designers were introducing variety to the patterns and the shawls gained recognition – even winning the golden medal in Brussels World’s Fair in1958.

At some point the fashionistas forgot the item but with a strong modern trend of appreciation for natural fabrics,traditional things and folks art, the interest to Pavlo Posad shawl is rekindled.

How to wear Pavloposad shawls:

Because it’s an item of several bright colors for a stylish look you need to make sure the colors of the shawl mix well. Limit the number of colours in your other clothes, with the main colour theme of your clothes 1.a being the same as the colour of the shawl’s background, or 1.b mixing well with the shawl’s backround colour.

For example: Black shawl with floral pattern – black dress/shirt
Teal shawl with floral patter – teal colour dress or cream colour dress (as cream colour mixes well with teal)

Also, you can 2. focus on the floral patterns and build a more sophisticated look matching the colours of your clothes (if not too bright) with the colours of the pattern.

It’s easier to show then to put it in words – so check the gallery for inspiration!

You can see more varieties of Pavlov Posad shawls at the original website of the factory –

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