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Hot Soups

Recipes of traditional Russian hot soups with extra tips as well as delicious Ukrainian, Georgian, Uzbekistani soup recipes

Hot soups have been an important part of Russian diet for many centuries. Many Russians believe that “warm is good for your stomach”. These days many people have lunch outside home, and during lunch hours many cafes offer a special deal called “business lunch” which would comprise of a bowl of soup and a hot snack.

Among traditional Russian recipes, other soups from neighbouring counties are very popular: spicy and rich in flavour Georgian beef soup kharcho, and Kazakhstani/Uzbekistani aromatic mutton soup shurpa (or chorba).

Soup recipes: Borscht, Shurpa (also called Chorba), Kharcho, Solyanka soup, Sorrel soup, Nettle soup.


Authentic recipe with extra tips

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Shurpa (or Chorba)

Rich in flavour mutton soup

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Spicy Georgian soup

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Solyanka soup

Appetizing soup with pickles

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Sorrel soup
Sorrel soup recipe

Tangy and refreshing

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Nettle soup
Nettle soup Russian recipe

Delicious and super healthy

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Cep Mushroom Soup
Cep Penny bun Russian mushroom soup

Delicious basic soup

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