Cold borscht

In Russia this soup is called holodnik (from holod – cold) or svekolnik (from svekla – beetroot) and this recipe comes from Belarus.

This cold beetroot soup of pretty colour is perfect for summer days or as light healthy food. It is very easy to cook and it’s tastiest when it’s cooled down.




Okroshka Russian traditional cold kvass kefir summer soup recipe

Cold vegetarian Okroshka soup is great when it’s hot outside. The word “okroshka” may stem back to the word “kroshit” meaning cut into small pieces. It is indeed a mixture of cut vegetables and a liquid dressing. This light vegetarian soup has a refreshing effect and a great taste that cannot be broken down to its ingredients.

As for the dressing liquid, there are two different options resulting in two different tastes: kefir (can be substituted by plain yougurt) or kvass (it should be special okroshka kvass, sourish and not sweet as normal kvass). There are two types of people: those who love okroshka with kefir and those prefer it with kvass. Discover which group you belong to!