kholodets Russian aspic

Kholodets aspic

Kholodets is a traditional Russian meat aspic. It is characterized by a rich meaty flavour and jellied texture. It is usually served with mustard or horseradish sauce.

Nowadays, ready kholodets is sold in stores in Russia. Belorussian brands are especially good. However, many housewives still make kholodets at home.

Although it is time-consuming, mostly it is lazy time. The result is well worth the efforts!

• 2 pig legs
• 1¹⁄₂ kg of bone-in beef
• 1 onion;
• 1 carrot;
• 3 bay leaves;
• salt and pepper — to taste;
• 3 garlic cloves.


1. Wash the meat under the cold water, cleanse the legs. Cut the onion and the carrot into large chucks.

2. Put the meat and the other ingredients into the slow cooker, add salt and pepper and pour water almost to the edges. Switch the mode “Stewing” and set the timer for 6 hours. When the broth is almost boiling, open the lid and skim off the foam and fat. After boiling, boil the broth for about 5-7 minutes with the lid open, continuing to skim the foam. When foam stops forming, close the lid.

3. When the slow cooker makes the signal cooking is ready, take the meat out from the broth. Separate the meat from the bones, disassemble the meat into fibers and put into molds (i.e. lunch boxes).

4. Filter the broth through a cheesecloth, strain over the meat.

5. Wait until it cools down and put the mold in the refrigerator until it solidifies completely. Serve with horseradish and mustard.

Tip. Add a little bit more salt than usual, when the aspic solidifies, the taste will even out.

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  • Diana


    This is a great recipe, the guests are delighted. Thank you!


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