Korean style wortel

(Morkov’ po-koreisky, Rus. морковь по-корейски)
Recipe by Russian Koreans, a variation of kimchi

Russian Korean style kimchi carrot
Can carrot can be a piquant appetizer? It most certainly can! Proof of concept – “Korean style carrot” salad: crunchy, spicy  and sour strips of fermented carrot can be a great starter or a side bite.

This recipe was invented by Russian Koreans who, living in Russia, were longing for the top Korean food – kimchi.  As the main ingredient, nappa cabbage, was not readily available,  the recipe with carrots was invented. It turned out to be a masterpiece and its fame in no time spread beyond ethnic enclaves.

 For many decades tubs of this spicy salad have been sold at every market and supermarket. It is even used in some hot-dogs. Korean style carrot will be a great bite at a party table, it is quite often served as “zakuska” (snacks before the main meal).

If you like kimchi, or if the description “crunchy, sour and spicy” is interesting for you, make this recipe, you will love it! 🙂

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