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Russian Capelin roe

Capelin roe

Russian capelin roe

 Capelin is a small sea fish that live in the cold northern oceans. Capelin roe is considered as a high value product and prepared by steeping in brine and then packing in small glass jars.  As this product is very popular in Japan too, you might have tried this product in various kinds of sushi.

Capelin roe is often spread over buttered French bread in Russia, to be had with a cup of tea for a snack. As finger food, you may cut miniature cubes or other figurrettes from bread, butter and spread the caviar. It is an delicate taste and texture.

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Chechil cheese in braids


Chechil cheese

Chechil is traditional salty and smokey Armenian cheese. It has a very interesting shape of dense strings plated into a braid.

Chechil cheese is very popular in Russia as a beer snack. One cut through the braid gives you a generous amount of tiny pieces of chechil which makes it an easy finger food.  And beer is so refreshing with salty and smokey foods.

Chechil has a low fat content and is considered as diet food (if you give the beers a miss of course 🙂 )

Chechil cheese strings



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Sushki Russian tea time treat

Sushki – Great for thoughtless munching and a proper brew!

Great for thoughtless munching and a proper brew!

Russian tea time treat sushki

 Traditional Russian tea time treat sushki are small and crunchy bread rings. These chewy snacks can be topped with poppy seeds or salt crystals.

Chelnochok sushka is a variation of this snack. It has an elongated shape and vanilla flavour.

Who said that tea treats should be sweet? Sushki are range from plain to savoury and yet they make a perfect match for a nice brew.


Zefir Russian dessert


Russian tea time treat Zefir

Zefir is Russian sweets made from fruit and berry puree, some sugar and egg white. This excellent tea-time desert has a fruity taste and its spongy texture similar to marshmallow.

Another very popular variation of this confectionery is “zefir-v-shokolade” – chocholate-coated zefir.



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Halva tea time treat


Russian tea time treat halva

Halva is a brick of sweet paste which can be made from nuts, beans and even lentils. Many countries have their variation of this confectionery which can significantly vary in taste, texture and look.

Halva popular in Russia and some other Eastern European countries is made from sunflower seeds paste. The texture of this halva is shortbread-like and buttery and its taste remotely resembles peanut butter.

Goes well with a lovely cup of milky tea. Yum!



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