Russian finger food caviar buttered bread

Caviar breads

caviar mini bread Russian finger food

What can be easy to make and exquisite at the same time? Buttered bread with caviar, of course!

In English language, only fish eggs of Acipenseridae family, are called caviar. This product is black. The rest fish eggs are referred to as “roe”. In Russian though, all fish eggs are called “caviar” (“ikra”), and additional clarity is added by an adjective. So far in Russian there is black caviar (i.e. caviar), red caviar (salmon roe), or capelin caviar (capelin roe) etc.

Salmon roe, or red caviar in Russian, is not as priced as black caviar, yet also a delicacy. Mini buttered breads with salmon roe will be a great finger food and give a Russian twist to your party.

How to make breads:

Butter good white bread with good butter, spread caviar and decorate with parsley. Baguette will be good, or toast bread additionally warmed up in an oven.

You can cut bread into miniature pieces. Do not spread too much caviar/roe as some guests can find it too salty.

baguette with caviar Russian finger food


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