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Russian Food Festival in Amsterdam

Russian Food Festival in Amsterdam

Russian Food Festival held 13-15 September 2013 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In 2013, in both Russia and the Netherlands many cultural and festive events were held to celebrate 400 years of friendly mutual relations between Russia and the Netherlands.

On 13-15 September 2013, Amsterdam has seen a Russian Regional Food Festival held in the framework of the Russia-Netherlands Bilateral Year. This food event took place at Museumplein near which the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are located. The visitors had an opportunity to try and purchase healthy, exotic and tasty products and get themselves better acquainted with the vast geography of Russia. The introduced foods were from the regions of Russia, for example cured meat and venison jerky from the Nenets autonomous area, cold-water fish from Yakutia, chack-chack honey soaked tart from Tatarstan, smoked guineafowl from Kaluga region, sun kissed fruit from Krasnodar and delicious sea buckthorn jams from the Altai Krai. These food recipes can also be found here on this site.

The guests of the festival were entertained by several cultural and musical show, including the dance performances by the troupe of folklore music from the Republic of Tatarstan.


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