Sweet Russian curd snack

Curd snack

Curd snack (Rus. “glazirovannyi syrok”, literally coated cheese) is a compact size dairy snack made of sweet pressed mass of curd or quark cheese and coated with chocolate or icing.

Curd snacks can have a filing of poppy seeds, condensed milk or jam.

This tiny treat is a great tea-time dessert. Even if you are not a fan of dairy products, you’re going to love this snack.

Curd snacks are popular in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – this site has a loving collection of curd snacks brands.



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  • Boujendar abdelhamid


    Bonjour je suis intéressé par les produits du fromage enrobé au chocolat, pourriez vous m envoyer liste des prix et si c est possible échantillon, avec mes sincères salutatios..




      Dear Boujendar, thank you for your interest and question. If you are interested in cottage cheese snacks covered with chocolate, these are usually sold in local Russian food shops. If you are interested in samples for your business, you can check this producer in Europe:


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