Russian dairy drink Ryazhenka


Ryazhenka Russian dairy

Ryazhenka is a Russian-Ukrainian dairy drink similar to yoghurt. It has creamy color and characteristic taste with a caramel twist. Because of its health benefits and lovely taste it is a great drink for children and it is loved by healthy eaters as a dietary product.

Ryazhenka has almost the same nutritional properties as milk but they are better absorbed and digested by human body, especially protein. Rich in calcium and phosphor, this Russian dairy product is more delicate in taste than kefir but higher in calories.
Ryazhenka is cooked from baked milk by adding special souring ferments. Baked milk (топленое молоко) is drink which has a long tradition. It was cooked in Russian villages by leaving a jug of boiled milk in an oven for a day or over night until it is coated with a brown crust. The milk changes its color and taste and gets thicker consistency.

Today, both baked milk and fermented ryazhenka are produced on an industrial scale. However, those who like to experiment can try to cook baked milk at home by pouring the milk that has just boiled into a thermos flask (which is washed with hot boiled water) and leaving for 4-6 hours.

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