Sea-buckthorn jam


Sea-buckthorns are bright orange edible berries that can be used to make delicious fresh jam of unique sharp flavour.

Rip berries teem on branches of a sun-loving shrub that naturally grows in mountainous regions. Several domestic species have been cultivated that exceed the wild plant in the size of berries and their properties and this tree is very popular in Russian gardens or private lots for growing home vegetables and fruits.

Sea-buckthorn tree

Sea-buckthorn contains 15 times more vitamin C than oranges which places this tiny orange fruit among the most enriched plant sources of vitamin C (perhaps, only rose hips could compete). The high content of this vitamin accounts for quite a tangy taste of berries – you wouldn’t want to eat them on their own – but mixing it with sweeter substances like apple or grape juice to reduce the astringency certainly pays off both in taste and goodness.

Sea-bucktorn is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids (the same fatty acids you get from eating fish) which are essential to good health and play a crucial role in brain function.

The berries have high content in Omega 7 that help with weight loss and cholesterol control and is important for healthy clear skin. Also, “beauty” vitamins A and E can also be found in abundance in these wonderful little berries.

This richness in goodness can explain why sea-buckthorn is finding their way into many nutraceutical products on the market today.

You can buy those frozen berries in Russian shops, and actually the freezing helps reduce the astringency. You can use the berries for your smoothies and make very quick food condiment or dessert sauces.

5 min sea-buckthorn dip/dessert sauce

Sea-buckthorn jam


½ glass of frozen sea-buckthorns

splash of water

1 tablespoon sugar


1. Put the buckthorns in a glass, fill it up with water and let the berries defrost for several minutes. Pour the water out, wash the berries and put them into a blender.

2. Add a splash of water and sugar, blitz up. Sieve to remove pulp and seeds and enjoy.

This will be great with pancakes, blini or syrniki. The sharp and rich taste will add a new elegant note to a sweet meal.

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