Semolina groat


Semolina groat
Semolina groat is a flour-like product made from wheat during the milling process. It has  small white grains and it is used to make porridges or sweet dishes.

This product is very popular in Russia and semolina porridge is often given to children for their breakfast. It goes great with a piece of butter and jam or fresh berries for example blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. All you need to do is to boil it with milk, adding some sugar and a pinch of salt, and mixing throughout the cooking process to prevent lumps as it gets thicker. Serve your semolina porridge with a piece of butter and jam or berries of your choice.  You can also check our more detail recipe of Semolina porridge.

It is often used in baking – for cakes or to powder baking forms. Semolina can also be used instead of breadcrumbs- mix some semolina with salt and seasoning and dredge a piece of meat or fish the way you do it with the breadcrumbs. You will get a juicy meal with a crunchy crust.


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