Borodinsky bread

Borodinsky bread

Borodinsky bread

Borodinsky bread is one of the most popular bread in Russia and some former USSR countries. This dark brown sourdough rye bread has soft and moist texture, and is characterized by its distinctive flavour. Molasses, rye malt and coriander used in baking give the loaf its rich aroma and herby taste with slightly sweet notes.

The name of the bread has a reference to Borodino – a village around which a battle took place between Napoleon and the Russian army in 19 century. Despite the fact that baking of this bread on a production scale started in 1933, urban legends still try to connect the origin of the bread with this battle of Borodino.

So there is a story the widow of General Alexandr Tuchkov who perished in the battle, established a convent. Mourning for her beloved husband she was finding a relief in baking, and together with the convent nuns she created the recipe of the bread. The coriander seeds were thus a symbol of grapeshot.

The recipe of bread with coriander seeds can indeed be found in 19 century, but since the production and the name of the bread appeared in the 20 century, the above romantic story can be perhaps discarded as a case of folk etymology. 


Borodinsky Russian bread

Borodinsky bread can be enjoyed on its own or with some butter, and is a great compliment for soups. It can also accompany meals that use eggs – sunny side up fried eggs or various sandwiches with eggs and salmon. Another interesting combination is having a piece of Borodinsky bread with herring butter.

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