Smetana Russian sour cream is used in many recipes, from salads to desserts or casserole dishes. For example smetana can be used as:

    • As a condiment to various pancakes, including cottage cheese pancakes syrniki or savoury potato pancakes draniki. Also served with dumplings pelmeni or vareniki.
    • As a sauce to salads
    • As a final touch to soups, such as borscht
    • As a casserole sauce used in stews – its high content in fat allows smetana not to curdle at higher temperatures unlike similar crème fraîche.
    • Mixed with tvorog for breakfast

Smetana is also very popular in Ukrainian, Belarusian and Polish cuisines.

Recipes with smetana:

SoupsSavoury bitesSweet pancakesProtein rich breakfastDessert
Borschtdranikitvorog with smetana Russian breakfastRussian smetana, prunes and walnuts dessert
Condiment to various hot and cold soupsSauce for potato pancakes dranikiCottage cheese syrniki pancakesTvorog with smetana and berriesPrunes and walnuts in thickened smetana

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