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Tvorog is Russian pressed cottage cheese and a great source of protein. It is similar to curd or farmer cheese but somewhat firmer and more dry.

Tvorog is used in many traditional Russian recipes: breakfast pancakes syrniki,  zapekanka – tvorog baked in oven, vareniki – dumplings with sweet stuffing, vatrushka cakes or traditional Easter dish paskha.

It can also be eaten on its own as a healthy snack food and a great start to the day. You can mix it with sour cream, jams, honey, nuts, fruit – anything of your choice.

Recipes with tvorog:

SyrnikiZapekankaTvorog with smetanaChocholate cake with tvorog filling
Russian tvorog zapekankatvorog with smetana Russian breakfastRussian tvorog chocolate-cake
Quark pancakes: easy, very tasty and good for you.Baked and cooled down cottage cheeseRich in protein healthy breakfast solutionSweet and refreshing at the same time

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