Bologna sausage


Doktorskaya bologna sausage (orignial name – Doktorskaya kolbasa) is a chunky pinky spongy sausage with smooth taste and texture. It is made of beef and pork mixture and flavoured with nutmeg. Kolbasa is usually eaten as a snack with a piece of white bread (basic Russian sandwich) and a cup of tea. It can be used in various more complicated sandwiches, including hot sandwiches. In modern cuisine, it can be used for finger food canapé, if cut into cubes and combines with other ingeriends, such as olives and cheese,  all pierced with a toothpick.

Doktorskaya bologna is quite often used in a popular version of Olivier salad (called as Russian salad in many countries of the world). Also, Russian bologna sausage can be fried with eggs for breakfast.


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  • Mary Beth


    Where can you get Doktorskaya sausage?


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