Russian pancakes oladi


Russian pancakes oladi


Oladi (oladji) are small thick fluffy pancakes made with yeast dough. It’s one of those recipes that make weekend mornings special, making everybody happy. Oladji pancakes are certainly a great way to start the weekend of a leisurely chilling day or of an adventurous one with plenty outdoors activities!
Yeast needs some time for rising – something to take into account. Otherwise the recipe is straightforward and early birds will really appreciate it.

Extra serving tips: Quick and fresh berry jams, for exapmple thawed lingonberries or sea buckthorns blitzed with some sugar.

Cooking ideas: You can also add chopped apples, berries or nuts to the oladi when you are mixing in eggs, oil, sugar and salt.

tvorog with smetana Russian breakfast

Tvorog with Smetana

This is an extremely easy and very healthy start of the day. This food is particularly popular for breakfast with children and women in Russia.

Tvorog is a product similar to cottage cheese but a bit drier and more pressed. It is a great source of protein and it is rich in calcium.
Smetana,which is similar to crème fraîche, moisturizes the tvorog’s texture.


  • Mix tvorog with Smetana using proportions to your taste.
  • Decorate with berries.
  • If desired, you can use other sweeteners – sugar, jam or honey.
Sweet grenki toasts Russian breakfast

Grenki toasts

Sweet scrumptious toasts grenki are going to make your day right from the start!  This very straightforward recipe that will be highly appreciated by children or those with a sweet tooth.

Extra twists to taste: Add cinnamon or vanilla sugar to the egg wash. Substitute milk with cream.

Semolina porridge

Semolina porridge is a very popular with children and often served at kindergartens in Russia.

It has custard-like texture and can be sweetened by berries or jam for the delight of the little ones.

It is cooked very quick, but there is a little trick – once the porridge starts boiling, you will need to constantly stir it to prevent burning or lumpiness. Good news that it will only take up to 3 minutes.


So if you can buy semolina groats from Russian shops or in your grocery store (dry good section) try out this quick recipe.

Russian tvorog zapekanka


Zapekanka is a Russian breakfast recipe. Children and their parents love this baked cottage cheese treat for taste, texture and nutritional goodness. Delicious and rich in proteins, this tvorog treat is a great start of a day, or can be a perfect  brunch snack. The recipe is quite straightforward –  cottage cheese (tvorog) mixed with eggs and some sugar and baked in oven. You can add sliced fruits or berries into Zapekanka. Zapekanka is  usually served cold.