Sweet Russian curd snack

Curd snack

Curd snack (Rus. “glazirovannyi syrok”, literally coated cheese) is a delicious compact size diary snack. It is made of sweet pressed mass of curd or quark cheese and has chocolate coating or icing.

To crown it, this delicacy can have a filing of poppy seeds, condensed milk or jam.

This tiny treat is a great tea-time dessert. Even if you are not a fan of dairy products, you’re going to love this snack.

Curd snack Russian tea time treat syrok



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  • Nihat


    One popular Russian food that is tasty and also noitituus is Okrushka. It is a salad, and what gets put into it is mostly up to the discretion of who is making it. However; most Russian people what put Mayonaise and Kvass on it, which makes it a little less healthy, but a little more tasty.


  • My


    Hi Nihat,
    I think you’re talking about Okroshka, this is more of a soup. We have a recipe of it here. Cheers!


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